Types of Structural Steel Systems

H Beems

  • Simple to connect due to parallel flanges
  • Range: HW wide flange, HM medium flange, HN narrow flange
  • Can bear heavy loads and strong vibrations
  • Suited for Earthquake prone zones

I Beems

  • Improved load bearing capacity
  • High stability and strength
  • Suited for Plants, Bridges and Ships


  • Maximum weight per section: 35 tons
  • Maximum size per column: 8-3" X 3-3"
  • Range of plate thickness: 1/4" to any thickness

Tapered Columns

  • Tapered columns? can be increased to reduce the footing size and save floor space.

Columns and Rafters

  • Flange thickness up to 1-1/2" and width up to 24". Web depth 80' and thickness up to 1"

Phenix Truss Systems:

  • Lattice structure
  • Easy to erect with field bolts
  • Suited for large span roof, multiple bay, and mezzanine floors

The Phenix Edge

  • CNC programmed flame cutting for high accuracy
  • Mechanized handling
  • Edge and face mill facilities for precise finishing
  • Ongoing inspection and welding quality testing
  • In-house NDT testing facility
  • Automatic material handling
  • Stocking Facility
  • Ready to install jumbo size fabricated beams

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