Our Industrial Building Construction division in the USA offers comprehensive solutions for all industrial building requirements. Our expertise lies in providing top-quality steel structures that are durable, easy to install, and offer flexibility in design. We specialize in the fabrication and erection of Industrial Buildings using Structural Steel that provides various benefits such as high strength, durability, and cost efficiency. Our experienced team of professionals are committed to delivering customized steel buildings that meet your specific needs. With our ability to pre-fabricate steel structures off-site, we are able to reduce construction time and minimize disruption to your operations. Contact us today for all your Industrial Building Construction needs in the USA.

Types of Structural Steel Systems

H Beems

  • Simple to connect due to parallel flanges
  • Range: HW wide flange, HM medium flange, HN narrow flange
  • Can bear heavy loads and strong vibrations
  • Suited for Earthquake prone zones

I Beems

  • Improved load bearing capacity
  • High stability and strength
  • Suited for Plants, Bridges and Ships


  • Maximum weight per section: 35 tons
  • Maximum size per column: 8-3" X 3-3"
  • Range of plate thickness: 1/4" to any thickness

Tapered Columns

  • Tapered columns? can be increased to reduce the footing size and save floor space.

Columns and Rafters

  • Flange thickness up to 1-1/2" and width up to 24". Web depth 80' and thickness up to 1"

Phenix Truss Systems:

  • Lattice structure
  • Easy to erect with field bolts
  • Suited for large span roof, multiple bay, and mezzanine floors

The Phenix Edge

  • CNC programmed flame cutting for high accuracy
  • Mechanized handling
  • Edge and face mill facilities for precise finishing
  • Ongoing inspection and welding quality testing
  • In-house NDT testing facility
  • Automatic material handling
  • Stocking Facility
  • Ready to install jumbo size fabricated beams

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